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Originally established as a training organization, providing customized and standardized training to fullfill the needs of customers throughout the world. Our customized approach has proven critical to the success of both our customers and GJTT by allowing the full potential of our solutions to be realized. Our standardized training provides consistent training to all students to assure dependable and uniform training across an organization.
Over the years, GJTT has recognized the need for other services, such as software development, and authoring. 
Software devlopment services can be provided seamlessly using the customer's development methodolgy. GJTT specializes in Agile, Test Driven Development environments.
GJTT has written numerous books on ASP.NET and ADO.NET. These books have received positive reviews and have contributed to the success of GJTT.
The very essence of our organization is based upon a profoundly noticeable level of service and a strong business ethic. We realize the obvious mutual benefit in providing unique services that lead to the success of our customers.

For more information:
Glenn Johnson Technical Training, Inc.
(216) 274-9107
5508 Wells Bay Lakefront
Ashville, NY 14710-9506